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Buying at Lake Holiday

Lake Holiday Financing: 

When purchasing a home in Lake Holiday new home owners are subject to Lake Holiday Rule & Regulations and all By-Laws which includes acceptance of your membership application.

Other requirement as per Rules & Regs include:

7.7 First Right of Refusal

When an offer to purchase is accepted, a certified letter, with return receipt requested, must be sent to all property owners eligible to exercise first rights of refusal at their address of residence.

If no reply is received within 14 days from the time the certified letter is postmarked by the Post Office, the right of refusal shall be considered negative.

If an adjoining property owner wishes to exercise their right to purchase, under the same terms as the contract states, they must respond in writing with proof of their ability to complete the purchase within the time frame
specified in the original purchase offer.

Within 5 business days of announcing their intent to purchase, the property owner must provide a pre-approved letter from the lending instituation.

See Rules & Regulations

Lake Holiday Assessments: 

Lake Holiday Dues:Lake Holiday assessments for 2014 are:
Lot with home at $875.00 / year
Vacant Lot $835.00 / year

These assessments run from March 1st thru February 28th.


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