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Joe has been selling Real Estate at Swanson Real Estate since 1989 and also the Managing Broker at Swanson Realtor for the last several years. In all those years Joe has sold hundred of homes, building lots and land. Learn more

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It is imperative to price the home appropriately – over pricing your home can result in unfavorable results and can cost you money in the long run.

Work with a Realtor that is familiar with the area and knows the values of homes in your community. Experience can speak volumes when selling and pricing your home competitively. Each home is unique and you could have two homes that were exactly the same foot print and one may sell for more monies than the other.

It’s not just about the size or number of bedrooms or baths it’s the whole package.

Don’t assume just because a home appears to be “just like yours” that your home is going to bring the same sale price. There are determining factors such as quality of workmanship, location, show-ability, and sometimes about features like hardwood floors versus contractor grade carpet, room flow / design etc.

Age can matter although there are also circumstances such as the homeowner that has just replaced those twenty year cabinets with brand new high cabinets and upgraded their kitchen versus the home that is “maybe” not as old and in dire need of cosmetic help. Moral of this is … even though the internet has made it easier to see what homes have sold in a particular area – it doesn’t always tell the whole story. You need a professional for that!

There are many times when a sellers wants to “TEST THE MARKET” and offers their home for sale thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over what true market value is. Are there Real Estate agents that will still list you home? YES, although they are NOT doing you any favors!

Buyers are educated and even if you DO find a buyer at your price, more than likely the buyer will require a loan to purchase your home … and guest what? Lenders are educated too and need to protect their investment.

If selling your home is a consideration now or in the future – give Joe Frieders a call at 815-693-4958 or 815-786-9418 or send us a request.


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